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Md. Nurul Islam, PhD



Md. Nurul Islam, PhD
Ministry of Religious Affairs
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Md. Nurul Islam joined as secretary to the Ministry of Religious Affairs on 05 January 2020. He has long been serving in different capacities both at field level and Bangladesh secretariat with dignity and distinguished professionalism.

Just before joining here, he served as joint secretary and additional secretary for long four years at the Ministry of Home Affairs and later public security division under the same ministry. He has flourished himself as Deputy Commissioner of Gazipur District for three years and left landmarks of success in different arena of social and organizational development.

Mr. Islam served as assistant private Secretary to the State Minister of Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock in 1996 and later in 2008 he was appointed as private Secretary to the State Minister of Ministry of Housing and Public Works. He worked for the mass people of two remote Upazillas namely Naniarchor and Mithapukur. He belongs to the Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration) 9th batch. At the beginning of his career he joined the Ministry of Fisheries and livestock as an assistant secretary in the year 1991.

Mr. Islam obtained a bachelor’s and Master’s degree with distinction from the Bangladesh Agriculture University in the Department of Agronomy, prior to this, he went to Dhukurjari High School for SSC and Dinajpur Government College for HSC.

On behalf of different delegations, he played a vital role when went aboad. For such purposes, he visited at least twenty countries of the different continents including China, America, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, Brazil and so on.

Md. Nurul Islam was born on 29 September 1962 in Dinajpur District. He and his wife Feroza Begum blessed with one daughter and two sons.