Daily Hajj Bulletin

Daily Haj Bulletin

 IT Help Desk, Makkah


Date: 01 September, 2015 (17 Jilkod, 1436 Hijri)            Time: 11:59 PM            Release: 16


The deputy team leader of the haj administrative team and the Joint secretary of Ministry of Religious Affairs of Bangladesh Mr. Hasan Jahangir Alam presides today’s coordination meeting held at the conference room, Makkah Hajj Office at 10:00 PM. In the meeting there have been taken decision about the return of unused money of house fare of Govt. managed pilgrim. Ten mobile medical team has been formed to provide health service of Bangladeshi pilgrim. The team members of that team will visit the residence of Bangladeshi pilgrim and will provide health services. In the meeting all the admin team members of first group, Haj Medical and IT Officials were present.

Latest status as on 01 September, 2015 (Based on primary information)

  • VISA issued from Saudi Embassy (with Government managed pilgrim)  98,900
  • Total pilgrim arrived in KSA: 54,525
  • Arrived Government managed pilgrim: 2,371
  • Arrived agency managed pilgrim: 52,154
  • Total arrived flight: 145; BG-77; SV-68
  • Services provided by IT Helpdesk in KSA: 9,911
  • Automated Treatment card issued from Medical Centers in KSA: 7,265
  • Medical Services provided from Medical Centers in KSA: 9,878
  • Lost luggage – Reported 222, Received 103 and Delivered 88
  • Total number of death pilgrim: 12; Male-09, Female-03; Makkah-08, Madinah-04

Haj 2015 at Glance:

  • Date of Haj 22 September, 2015 (Subject to moon)
  • Maktab fee submitted by Non- Government Haj Agencies: 783
  • Number of Guide for Government Managed Pilgrim: 68
  • Total Pilgrim: 101,758
  • First departed flight to KSA: 16 August, 2015
  • Expected last departure flight to KSA: 18 September, 2015
  • Expected date of first return flight to Bangladesh: 28 September, 2015
  • Expected date of last return flight to Bangladesh: 28 October, 2015

Latest Death:

Abdur Rahman Miah (65) of District: Narsingdi has been died in Madinah Al Munawarah on dated 31 August 2015 (Innah Lillahe wa Innah Elaihe Rajiun). His Passport No: BB 0919677.


Source of Information: Airlines, Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, Haj Office, Dhaka and KSA.