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Daily Hajj Bulletin

Daily Haj Bulletine

IT Help Desk, Makkah


Date: 27 October, 2015 (13 Muharram, 1437 AH)         Time: 11:59 PM          Release: 68

Till Today 27 October, 2015 there are total 96,295 hajis has been reached in Bangladesh by Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines. Out of them Biman Bangladesh Airlines carried 51,096 hajis by 132 flights and Saudi Arabian Airlines carried 45,199 hajis by 115 flights.

On the other hand, a team of Haj IT Officials has been visited the King Abdullah Medical Complex at Jeddah under Leading of Deputy Team Leader of Haj Administrative Team and Joint Secretary of Ministry of Religious Affairs Mr. Hasan Jahangir Alam for collection the updated information regarding the missing/ death pilgrim of Bangladesh.

Latest status as on 27 October, 2015 (Based on primary information)

Mina Accident Information:

  • Total probable death as Bangladeshi 137, among them identity verified: 96; others identity not sure yet
  • Missing pilgrim 53
  • Found 90 pilgrims

Crane Accident: Death-01(Male) and injured 40 (Currently one in pilgrim still hospitalized)

Normal Death: 133

  • Total pilgrim arrived in Bangladesh only by Biman Bangladesh Airlines and Saudi Arabian Airlines 96,295
  • Total return flight 247, by Biman Bangladesh Airlines 132 and Saudia Airlines 115
  • Total pilgrim arrived in KSA  (with the members of management): 1,06,550
  • Total arrived flight: 287; BG-151; SV-136
  • Services provided by IT Helpdesk in KSA: 64,489
  • Automated Treatment card issued from Medical Centers in KSA: 52,750
  • Medical Services provided from Medical Centers in KSA: 86,539
  • Lost luggage – Reported 607, Received 309 and returned 265
  • Total number of death pilgrim (Including  Mina Incident): 271; Makkah-255, Madinah-11Jeddah-05

Haj 2015 at Glance:

  • Date of Haj was 23 September, 2015
  • Maktab fee submitted by Non- Government Haj Agencies: 783
  • The return haj flight to Bangladesh has been started: 28 September, 2015
  • Expected date of last return haj flight to Bangladesh: 28 October, 2015

Latest Death:

Nusrat Parvin (64) of District: Dhaka has been expired in Makkah-Al-Mukarramah on the dated 20 October, 2015 (Innah Lillahe wa Innah Elaihe Rajiun). Her Passport No: BE0164963.

Source of Information: Airlines, Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Consulate General Office, Jeddah, Haj Office, Dhaka and KSA.