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Contact Us

For any information regarding Pr-registration or Hajj, please call

If you have any observation about Hajj Management System

Please call following numbers:

Director, Hajj Office, Dhaka

Phone: 8958462, Fax: 8920960

Assistant Hajj Officer

Phone: 7912391

Health Section, Hajj office

Phone: +88-027912132

Secretary, Ministry of Religious Affairs

Phone: 088-02-9514533, Fax: 7165040

Bangladesh Hajj Mission, Makkah

Phone: 00-966-2-5413980, Fax: 00-966-2-5413980

Bangladesh Hajj Mission, Madinah

Phone: 00-966-04-8667220, Fax: 00-966-04-8667221

Bangladesh Hajj Mission, Jeddah

Phone: 00-966-2-6342732, Fax: 00-966-2-6883220, Airport: 00-966-2-6968191



A B M Aminullah Nuri

Seasonal Haj Officer Madinah

Phone No: – +966560708691


Md. Sakhawat Hossain

Seasonal Haj Officer, Jeddah

Phone No: +966563295893


Md. Jahirul Islam

Seasonal Haj Officer, Makkah

Phone: +966580745128


Makkh IT Help Desk:
Phone: +966576917967


Madinah IT Help Desk:
Phone: +966581426198


Jeddah IT Help Desk:
Phone: +966578275342


Hajj Camp